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BIO  Yasuko Inoue : Freelance Photographer    Born & Raised  Osaka, Japan


  I've dedicated to my passion in photography over the past ten years. This website is for sharing my portfolios. Hopefully, I want to do it very simply. With less words and a lot of works. As for me, photography is "dream" part of my life. To put it another words, "precious" part of my life.

I learned art about 2 years in the past. I usually use two strobes(main light& fill-in light) for inside-shooting. Sometimes, I add strobes to natural light. Mostly shot in RAW, retouch in TIFF files with Photoshop. At last, I change it into JPEG file for most works
I shoot "no synthesized" photographs, which are classical ones. Film or Digital, "Commercial" or "Art", Either way, I always seek for "authenticity" 

I speak Japanese and English. If you have something in private, feel free to send me emails. Due to save modling fee : I'm on bussiness:,I sometimes shoot myself but I'm a photographer. Please refrain from talking about my modeling.  Some of my photographs are available at the links of "STORE" page. You can check out my film photographs on the blog as well. Currently, NO SNS.

BEHIND THE SCENEBackstage of My Photo-Shooting & Retouching

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This website was chosen as "best web-selection" 

by "Nihon Photo Contest"

the Award at New Year Card Contest
2011  by "Photo-Culture Club" ,NPO

the Grand-Prix at Photo Book Contest
 2012 by "Photo-Culture Club",NPO




Digital Camera : NikonD 610(FX),NikonD5000

Film Camera:    NikonF  LeicaM6


Lense: Zoom Nikkor 18-55mm, Tamron:90mm f/2.8

Film : FujiFilm SUPERIOR X-TRA400 etc.......

Software : Adobe Photoshop

                     Nikon NX Studio


Sakai-City, Osaka Japan


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